Almond Surfboards // Limoncello

Almond Surfboards // A Surfing Film


Limoncello is a short surf film featuring Nathan Adams riding his 9’9 Lumberjack by Almond Surfboards. The Lumberjack is our classic beach-break noserider, and few people show the potential of traditionally-influenced surf craft better than Nate.
Creative collaboration between Nathan Adams and Tom Green. Camera/Edit: Thomas H. Green
アーモンドサーフボード/ロングボード”9’9″ Lumberjack”に乗るネーザン‧アダムスをフューチャーしたショートフィルム。ネーザンのクラシックスタイルと華麗なハングファイブをご覧ください。

Limoncello from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.